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Christina Garibaldi ’06: On-Air Reporter for MTV News

If you were one of the millions to tune into the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in August, that talented preshow host you were watching is fellow Red Fox Christina Garibaldi ’06. Christina is an on-air reporter for MTV News where she covers pop culture, music, movies, and celebrity news. While at Marist, Christina majored in Communication. 

We were able to catch up with Christina shortly after the VMA’s and ask a few questions about her experience hosting the Preshow for the second consecutive year: 

Marist Alumni Office (MAO): How did you get into your current role at MTV? 
Christina Garibaldi (CG): I began my career with MTV as an intern my senior year at Marist and was hired immediately upon graduation as an assistant. From there, I worked my way up from a coordinator to a segment producer to the role I currently have now. 

(MAO): How did you prepare for the preshow? 
(CG): We start preparing months in advance for the VMA preshow and the week leading up to the main event we had a “VMA All Access” livestream which had us streaming live online for 6 hours each day. In between filming we would have script read-thrus, red carpet rehearsals and would spend our time researching all the artists that would be walking the carpet. 

(MAO): What was the most exciting part of the hosting the preshow?

(CG):  The VMAs is our biggest event of the year and you can feel the energy as soon as you step on the red carpet. Bringing the show back to New York heightened that excitement to a whole different level. The really enjoy that the preshow is a live environment because you never know what is going to happen or who you are going to talk to.

(MAO): What was the hardest part about hosting a live preshow? 
(CG): Not knowing what is going to happen next!! It forces you to think on your feet and be prepared for anyone who walks on the carpet. We try and schedule people we want to talk to, but there is always a possibility that they don’t arrive in time or they get stuck talking to other outlets and because of that you have to expect the unexpected. 

(MAO): Who was your favorite celebrity interview? 
(CG): During the preshow it was exciting to interview Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton, since I never met him before. But, I always look forward to interviewing Selena Gomez. I’ve been interviewing her for about five years and in that time she has achieved so much success all while remaining humble and appreciative. 

(MAO): Do you keep in contact with any Marist faculty, staff, roommates, etc.? 
(CG): I keep in touch with several of my roommates from Marist and actually married fellow alum from the Class of 2006, Mike LaMastro! 

(MAO): What do you enjoy most about your job? 
(CG): So many things…from meeting new and interesting people every day, to writing articles for our website to stretching my creativity. But, what I really love the most is never knowing what to expect on any given day. Not only is the news and pop culture sphere constantly changing, but the way our audience receives their news changes as well, and it is my job to deliver it in a unique and creative way. 

(MAO): What advice do you have for Marist students or alumni who are interested in getting into your line of work? 
(CG): The best piece of advice is to get involved. I credit a lot of my skills and confidence to the School of Communication at Marist and Marist College Television (MCTV). I was a part of the organization as a student and felt that learning the avid editing skills, on-camera techniques and behind the scenes operations fully prepared me for an entry level position at MTV. I also felt that my internships (I did three) were extremely beneficial and each provided contacts that I still use today.