Marist Fund

Welcome to the Marist Fund!

We invite you to visit our pages often and see for yourself the people at Marist who are supported by annual gifts made to the Marist Fund. The College looks to alumni, parents, and friends to continue the strong tradition of giving back. Imagine what we could do together. 

Meet Some Current Marist Students YOU Are Supporting!

              Divine '18                          Alannah '16                             Adriannah '16        

Your annual gift will directly sustain the student experience, support financial aid, scholarships, academic programs, and student services. Supporting Marist can in fact inspire others – your friends, your community – to follow your example. Your annual support can make a powerful, lasting statement about the value of a Marist education. 

Marist relies on funding from corporations and foundations, which base their awards in part on alumni participation as well as on total dollars raised. Every alumni gift—including yours—has a multiplier effect.