Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters

Connect with Red Foxes near you!


The Marist Alumni Association is made up of more than 35,000 graduates and all alumni are automatically members of the Alumni Association! 


The Alumni Association has 16 active regional chapters spanning from Boston to Los Angeles! Alumni are pulled into a region chapter based on the mailing address they provide the Alumni Association after graduation.


Regional Chapter activity is typically organized by alumni from the area often led by a chapter president. The goal is to facilitate communication among alumni within the geographic area while also developing meaningful events and activities on both a social and professional level. Regional Chapters will also aid in establishing and enhancing the name and reputation of Marist College in their regions. Activity relies on alumni participation and range from phon-a-thons and cultural events to cocktail receptions and athletic events.


If you would like to become involved in chapter events, review the list in the right column find the region closest to you and send that alumni chapter representative an email.

If you think the Office of Alumni Relations has an outdated mailing address for you, please update all your information by filling out an online update form.