Student Profiles

Meet Marist Students Benefiting from YOUR Support!

Brandon '17

Major: Psychology 
Minors: Business Management & Sociology
Campus Involvement: Campus Ministry, Psychology Club, Student Government,Black Student Union, ARCO, Resident Hall Council, and Dance Ensemble.
How did you hear about Marist?
I heard about Marist in eighth grade in an after-school program. One of our group leaders was a Red Fox Alumnus and always spoke highly about it.
Why did you choose Marist?
Marist has been my top choice for five years! I remember walking up the stairs by Midrise, and going into the Rotunda. I saw all of these college kids that kept waving and smiling at me. I got this sense of warmth and satisfaction. It was simple for me really, I wanted to come to a place where people were positive, focused, and heartwarming. 
What do you like most about your current Marist experience?
So far, I truly enjoy being a part of the Student Government Association. Since I came here all I have wanted to do was provide that same warmth and positive energy that I received among my peers and the incoming Marist students. In addition, I enjoy relaxing in the new cafeteria with my friends after a long day of classes, so thanks to amazing donors from the Marist fund for making that possible. It’s great to unwind and talk about our day with friends in a comfortable atmosphere. 

Julianna '15

Major: Communications- PR and Journalism
Minor: Fashion Merchandising
Campus Involvement: Study Abroad, Public Relations Student Society of America, The Circle Newspaper
Can you share a special Marist experience?
During the fall 2013 semester I was able to participate in the FIE London program for my study abroad experience. Not only did I get to see the world and fall in love with the city of London, but I also completed an Internship with an online magazine, which would not have been possible without the Marist Fund's support for Marist International Programs.
How has support from Marist Fund donors enhanced your Marist experience?
The Marist Fund has not only made my study abroad experience possible, but also all of the clubs and organizations I participate in, like PRSSA and The Circle Newspaper. In addition, the new facility and campus updates have made my Marist experience that much more memorable.